SupportingLocal Communities

    • Peanut butter from georgia
    • Natural Peanut
      Butter From Georgia

      The producer of all of the delicious
      peanut butter in our Lance snacks.
    • Peanut butter from georgia
    • Of Ridiculously
      Good Chips

      The proud home of the legendary crunch of Cape Cod Potato Chips.
    • Peanut butter from georgia
    • That's baked
      right in

      Makers of our delicious baked
      goods, Archway and Stella D'oro.
    • Peanut butter from georgia
    • Baked Pretzel

      Where we produce Snyder's of Hanover
      and EatSmart Naturals snacks.
    • Peanut butter from georgia
    • Golden-Brown
      Pretzel Rods

      Where we bake more of our
      golden-brown Snyder's of Hanover products.
    • Peanut butter from georgia
    • That Everyone

      The chip maker for our Krunchers!,
      Jays and Grande brands.
    • Peanut butter from georgia
    • Of The Original
      Sandwich Cracker

      Birthplace and maker of the
      classic snacking brand, Lance.
    • Peanut butter from georgia
    • Cooked To
      Crunchy Excellence

      Where we transform potatoes into waffle-cut
      Cape Cod Chips and Jays chips.
  • Creating Irresistible Products

    With 14 brands in the Snyder’s-Lance family, there are dozens of ways for you to enjoy our commitment to wholesome snacking.

  • Being an Outstanding Partner

    Having a strong set of values for our associates to follow allows us to provide the best experience possible for our partners.

  • Being an Extraordinary Place to Work

    We provide our associates with competitive benefits and the flexibility to balance personal, family and community responsibilities.

  • Providing Excellent Shareholder Returns

    We believe focusing on continuous improvement in quality, innovation and efficiencies will deliver long-term results for our shareholders.

Our Strategy

  • lead with quality

    Lead with Quality

  • grow the core

    Grow the core

  • Reach more customers

    reach more consumers

  • fund the future

    fund the future

  • go extra mile

    GO the extra mile

  • Values: Integrity & Respect

    Here at Snyder’s-Lance we strive to maintain a culture of integrity and respect. This provides a framework for our associates to do the right thing and show consideration for others.

  • Values: Teamwork

    Everyone at Snyder’s-Lance focuses on working together and creating quality products. From the engineers to accountants, a wide variety of people work as a team crafting the highest-quality snacks.

  • Values: Accountability

    At Snyder’s-Lance, our associates work hard to achieve our performance goals and accept responsibility for our actions.

  • Values: Optimism

    Maintaining and encouraging a positive outlook lets our associates know we’re always looking to better the company, our products and the communities in our area.